What’s the Point of a Poster? (2019)
The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar

Exhibition Poster/Zine for From Visionaries to Vloggers: Media Revolutions in the Middle East 

This fold-out comic zine/poster (the zine is printed on a single sheet of A3 paper that has the poster design printed on the back so it can be unfolded completely and turned into a poster) was created for an exhibition at The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar. Description from NUQ:

“ The use of bold graphics and provocative slogans in any medium demands attention from the viewer, often inspiring call to action.
Social activist Leila Abdelrazaq creates posters in many forms to advocate for change and bring attention to lesser heard voices. She created this comic and poster, ‘The People Have the Power,’ for From Visionaries to Vloggers, to question how the medium of posters can advance protest. The design incorporates DIY cultures and handmade qualities, demonstrating the enduring and evolving relevance of the poster in the digital age. In late 2019, Leila worked with Northwestern students to explore issues they wanted to highlight, which includes climate change, the right to education, and the freedom to vote. Posters gave students a platform to amplify their voices and make themselves heard (see All Power to the Poster).”

Photographs by H. Eltayeb.