Mizna: The Comix Issue (Vol 21.1)
Guest Editor & Illustrator

For the issue, I selected the theme “The New World Order.” The open call invited artists making comics in Arabic or English to submit works that explore what it means for reality (whether the personal micro realities that we inhabit, or the larger political realities that engulf us) to undergo radical, transformative shifts, for better or for worse.

“How is your reality changing (or not)? What does your (personal or political) world look like? What does the future hold? Are your visions for a new world order optimistic, or apocalyptic? Perhaps you have endured monumental shifts in the past. What was a moment when everything changed? How did you survive? How do we survive? (Do we?) Had enough of our current dystopic reality? Submit a comic on whatever moves you (or numbs you). What wild alternative realities can you dream up?”